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I saw a mother and her daughter
Naked as angels, pulling at a man,
The father, for to take him into the sea,
And I loved the daughter in that naked moment
With her teenage around her and
The ripeness of the blue sky.

What came later was envy. Here,
As an azure-sky-on-white-sand
Presence is the envy I feel for that man
To have had, for one moment in his life,
Two beautifully, innocently naked women
Leading him into the sea to play.

The Pierrot

The pierrot's back again, cheerfully
Haunting that moment before sleep
In black and blue and gold.

Today he said to me
Whit wye d'ye aye go on
I'm no awfa happy
Wi the warld the wye it is,
Aye crabbit, aye sair?

So he questions me, wild smiler
Of intimate breath, soft
Trepanning, he makes a gentle invasion
Of the little grey cells,
Intimate as syphilis. It is his way, Suddenly changing roles

He said, See your hands, fair hands,
Not like that man's hands like sea-blocks
Skinned with tigers'
Dull bruises, old tattoos
Of smoky yellow on his claws.

The pierrot's back again tonight
And I have broken the breathing
Of 'eternity', catching breath, carelessly.